Education history

Physical Chemistry. I am grateful and thankful to the Gas Safety Trust, Boat Safety Scheme and other charity for funding my research. Gratitude to my supervisor (Roland Wessling) who looked for and expressed the need to fund this research.

Address: Shrivenham - Swindon

Forensics. I am grateful and thankful to the Dutch Aid who sponsored my studies. ACHIEVEMENTS: (1) Obtained a distinction MSc degree, (2) Published a paper entitled "Energy Dispersive X-Ray diffraction mapping on a benchtop X-Ray Fluorescence System"

Address: Shrivenham - Swindon

Chemistry and chemical engineering. I am grateful and thankful to the Ugandan government for sponsoring my studies. ACHIEVEMENTS: (1) Obtained 2:1 Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry, (2) I was a Research Secretary for Makerere University Chemical Society for one year.

Address: Kampala