Employment history

Solid fuel combustion and safety. I am grateful and thankful to the Gas Safety Trust, Boat Safety Scheme and other charity for funding my research. Gratitude to my supervisor (Roland Wessling) who looked for and expressed the need to fund this research.

Year One: 

  • Determined the factors and trends of emissions (CO, CO2) from coal, charcoal and sawdust combustion.

Year two:

  • Determined the Kinetics and thermodynamics of biomass materials for potential energy production
  • Investigated the combustion of charcoal and the accumulation of carbon monoxide in an ISO container as a model for enclosed places
  • Manufactured ''Specially treated charcoal'' that produces less than 10% of the total CO that it would produce if it were not treated

Year three:

  • Working on detection of radical species on charcoal surfaces that are responsible for production of CO during combustion
  • Working on the effect of trace elements in charcoal on the activity of chemicals used to produce ''specially treated charcoal''
  • Working on materials that would change smell and/ colour as indicators of CO during combustion especially during the cooling phase
  • Working on combustion of charcoal and the accumulation of CO in boats, tents and caravans

Address: Shrivenham

I was responsible for receipt, recording, analysis, report writing, dispatch and testifying in courts of law as an expert witness. ACHIEVEMENTS: (1) I am grateful that I worked for this organisation for 5 years and 3 months, (2) My colleagues and I were able to clear over 200 backlog forensic cases that we found in the system as well as over 100 new forensic cases, (3) I was nominated to work with the Quality Manager as an extra duty for 2 years to prepare the organisation for accreditation. By the time I left, most of the requirements had been met and we were in the final stages, awaiting the accrediting body (SANAS), to perform an external audit. (4) I was able to spearhead the organising of three end-of-year team-building-events, (2011, 2013 and 2014), (5) I benefitted from a Dutch Fund that was managed by the institution to go for further studies; MSc at Cranfield University - Shrivenham. (6) I obtained several Professional Development Courses that boosted my skills as a Scientist.

Address: Kampala - Uganda

Supervised the production of quality intravenous drugs (Dextrose, Ringer lactate, Normal saline, Water For Injection) as well as eye drops, ear drops, and nosal drops. Am thankful for successfully working for this company for two years. ACHIEVEMENTS: (1) Assisted the company at achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification (2) Within two years, the company reputation was boosted as the leading manufacturer of quality intravenous infusion, eye drops, ear drops, and nasal drops in East and Central Africa. (3) I got promoted through the ranks to Senior Chemist (4) I was employee of the year for two consecutive times in production department: 2009 and 2010. (5) I supervised over 200 employees on a shift basis. (6) I made daily, weekly, monthly and annual production plans with help of the Production Manager. (7) I trained new staff (Chemists) in manufacturing of intravenous infusions. (8) With fellow Chemists, we were able to start Uganda Society of Professional Chemists in 2010 as we worked at this company. I was elected President steering committee, and I served for five years. One of our major milestones was organising the International year of chemistry as the national organisation for Chemists.

Address: Mukono - Uganda

Develop a Biodiesel production system using Jatropha, candlenut and castor feedstocks. I am thankful that I worked s an Intern-chemist for 10 months. ACHIEVEMENTS: (1) Set up a fully functional Chemistry laboratory for analysis biodiesel. (2) Developed several recipe for manufacturing of smokeless biochar briquettes (3) Participated in the Environmental Impact Assessment for the establishment of the Biodiesel refinery in Uganda

Address: Bbunga, Kampala - Uganda