Your 30 Minute Mission:

Please note that Mahara and this activity may not work with MODNet/Dii, and mobile devices


To be able to compile a Mahara Page and email it to a colleague/classmate

You are to create a page in Mahara that showcases key information regarding a topic from the options below (your choice). You must at least include the following:

  • Some text about the topic (you can copy and paste)
  • An image relating to the topic (you must include your image source)
  • A video from YouTube about the topic

See example of a finished page >

If completing the induction in Moodle: Once you have created your page, create a secret url (see below) and email it to to receive a Moodle Mahara Induction badge!

If completing the induction in Canvas: Once you have created your page, create a secret url (see below) and email it to with CANVAS MAHARA in the email title.

Please note: It is advised that you use either a desktop or laptop computer to carry out this activity. For further information please refer to the Mahara Mobile page >

Choose your topic to 'research'


Claim your Mahara Induction Digital Badge!

Mahara badge April 2017.pngThe last thing you need to do to complete this induction activity is to share a link to your page with the Flexible Learning Support Centre. If you are completing this as part of a programme or pre-reading for a module then include the name of your Module Manager and what it is you're completing this for.

Please watch/read the guidance below and send your secret URL to

Further support:

The following may be useful to you once you have finished this activity and want to find out more about Mahara and what it can enable you to do:

  • Cranfield Mahara support page >
    The central support resource created by the Flexible Learning Support Centre

  • What is Mahara? >
    This link takes you to the Mahara User Manual which can give you an depth description of Mahara and it's features

  • Mahara for Teaching Staff >
    This takes you to the online guide in the Help for Staff page in Moodle and helps you to develop portfolio-based activities

  • Blocks >
    This link takes you to the page in the Mahara User Manual that shows you how all the blocks in Mahara work and is full of great ideas of how to add content to your page >