I am inspired and motivated to provide sustainable solutions to the world through research.


Thermal Analysis

  1. Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  2. Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Surface Area and Pore Analysis

  1. BET surface area
  2. Pore volume
  3. Pore distribution
  4. Langmuir surface area
  5. BJH adsorption
  6. DFT surface energy
  7. DFT pore size

X-Ray Fluorescence

  1. Elemental/metal oxide composition of mateeials
  2. Crystallographic phases


  1. Gas chromatography
  2. Liquid chromatography


Hardness testing

  • Micro-indentation
  • Nano-indentation


Smiling face.jpgThe analytical skills section describes the various information I can extract from using various equipment. This makes me a unique researcher that quickly finds solutions in diverse areas of science as I fulfil my goal of providing sustainable solutions to world challenges through research and teamwork.

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Electron Paramagnetic/Spin Resonance

Free radical analysis

Fourier Transform Infrared

  1. Gaseous systems
  2. Solid systems

X-Ray Diffraction

Phase/Composition/Orientation analysis of materials


  1. Scanning Electron microscope
  2. Sterio microscope
  3. Light microscope

For elemetal composition, surface features, pore analysis